Benefits of Bone Broth


Drinking bone broth can have a number of benefits for your health and body. It can be made by simmering animal bones with their connective tissues in water with some vinegar.

Whether you choose cow, chicken or fish bones, the broth you create when consumed can help to improve many aspects of your health and wellness.

Below you can check out my video on how to make bone broth – if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to help where I can.

The Benefits

Full of Nutrients

Bone broth contains both the bones and connective tissue from the animal which when simmered along with water and vinegar are released into the liquid.

Not only does it taste good, your broth will be rich with vitamin and nutrients, including magnesium, calcium and phosphorous which comes from the bones.

From the bone marrow, you will also release iron, zinc, vitamins A and K, and fatty acids to name a few.

The amount of nutrients you achieve in your broth will be affected by the different types of bones you use.

Can Help Joint Pain and Osteoarthritis

Another benefit of bone broth is its source of gelatin. When gelatin breaks down it can turn into collagen which can help to protect your joints.

The cartilage in your joints can wear down and shrink over time, adding more stress to your joints that can become painful over time.

It is often recommended that patients dealing with painful joints to take gelatin supplements, as it can help to increase the amount of collagen in your body’s tissue.

Drinking bone broth is a great way to increase the amount of gelatin in your diet, working to provide collagen to your aching joints.

Can Support Weight Loss

If you’re actively trying to lose weight, incorporating bone broth into your diet can aid the process.

It is high in protein, helping you to feel fuller for longer without consuming too many calories.

It has been researched that a chicken bone broth compared to a regular chicken broth or soup contains more protein, making it a better option for those looking to lose weight and/or grow muscle.

Can Improve Overall Gut Health

Bone broth can also be extremely beneficial if you are suffering from an upset digestive system.

Bone broth has amino acids which people with gut problems can have lower levels of, finding it more difficult to digest food. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help to relieve symptoms and ease any pain you might be experiencing.

Improve Your Sleep

These amino acids can also help lead to better sleep quality. Bone broth can provide your body with glycerine, which is a safe and therapeutic way to improve sleep and reduce fatigue the following day.

People who struggle to sleep are often recommended to take glycerine before going to bed – drinking bone broth is an easy way to add this glycerine to your diet.

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