Advanced Reflexology

Pregnancy and Birth: Reflexology can be performed after the third trimester if the pregnancy is stable through to preparation for birth and during the birthing process. It may help to rebalance the endocrine system bringing hormones back to balance as well as aiding the recovery period after birth.

Reflexology 2
Newborn Baby Reflexology: Mums can be shown a postnatal reflexology circuit that can be used on newborn babies daily for the first week and weekly thereafter. This is a special time with the baby aiding bonding and relaxation time.
Loss and Grief: In these times, the body is in shock and turmoil and is a difficult point in life. This program covers shock, acceptance and belief and may aid the move through this difficult time more smoothly.

It covers:

  • Loss of a job
  • Loss of a parent, close family or partner
  • Loss of a limb.

Reflexology 3
Long-Term Illness and Transition: During a major illness when one has to prepare for change, this program will cover Energy replenishment, Pain relief and a peace circuit. When a person is terminally ill, this program may aide their time of transition in peace by covering choice, transition and strength in passing.
Children’s Circuits: Children often respond very well to reflexology as they are a lot more open than adults. Reflexology may help on the physical level but will support the emotional changes that take place as they grow. It may help children with:

  • Hyperactivity as they are calmed down with reflexology
  • Underactive children as they are stimulated and energized
  • Dreaming children
  • Dyslexia
  • Attention deficit syndrome
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder


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