Thai Head Massage

What is a Thai head massage?

A Thai Head massage at Essence of the Soul is the best massage that you can have to achieve mental relaxation after a hectic week. Available at our clinic in Glasgow, the Thai head massage has therapeutic qualities that can help to relax a busy mind, which in turn helps you to reach a meditative state.

A Thai head massage comprises of distinct techniques to ease the tension of one’s muscles and to make circulation better. In this massage, firm rhythms are utilized on your neck, face, scalp, upper back, and shoulders that offers re-balancing.

In such a busy and demanding world, common mental problems can arise which include insomnia, fatigue, migraines, stress and many others. These mental issues can hamper you physically and it becomes difficult to handle distinct spheres of life. These major issues have a negative effect on your health, but they can be relieved by through our clinics held in Glasgow.

Benefits of a Thai head massage

A Thai head massage at Essence of the Soul assists in enhancing your joint mobility, blood circulation, flexibility, and lymphatic flow. This massage helps in relaxing the tissues and releases toxins from your body. This massage aids in refocusing and re-energizing your body helping you to relax and unwind after a stressful week.

Thai Head Massage for Students and Professionals

Thai head massage assists in balancing the upper body chakras that is throat, crown and third eye, these can help to improve your concentration and as such are fantastic for students and professionals. A Thai head can also help with sleeping problems.


Thai Head Massage for Athletes

The motion of the body increases after this beneficial massage soothes the mind and body. Thai head massage is great for athletes to enhance their natural motion, which can aid them to play their sports.

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