Remedial / Sports Massage

A Remedial/Sports Massage is often thought of as a highly effective massage to help many people. You don’t have to be Antony Joshua or Harry Kane to benefit from a sports massage, the benefits and advantages are thought of as plentiful and it may be the type of treatment that would be brilliant for you.

What is Sports Massage?

A sports massage uses a range of massage techniques that are applied in a rhythmic, deep and manipulative way. Yes, sports massage can be used to prepare athletes prior to an event or to reduce the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness following an event. However, a sports massage can also be a regular treatment to maintain muscular health, reduce muscular tension and improve flexibility.

Sports Massage

The Benefits of Sports Massage:

  • It can increase the effectiveness of recovery from heavy training.
  • It can help to prevent future sports related injury.
  • It can help to identify issues early on or specific vulnerability for you to focus on, for example, mobility, flexibility and strength.
  • It can help improve your posture.
  • It can help increase joint mobility and range of movement.
  • It can release muscle tension and pain.

Sports Massage 2

Sports Massage in Glasgow

The 2014 Commonwealth Games were held in Glasgow whilst Glasgow is also home to some of Scotland’s largest football stadiums: Celtic Park, Ibrox Stadium and Hampden Park. Glasgow has always been thought of fondly for great sporting ability and prowess. If you too are an athlete or fitness fanatic in Glasgow, our sports massage in our Glasgow Studio can produce many benefits. Many claim sports massages can help promote relaxation to encourage better sleep patterns, improve blood circulation, and reduce muscle stiffness. If you want to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch and book your Glasgow sports massage today.

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Is a Sports Massage only for athletes?

Although it is called a sports massage, it is not solely for athletes and a remedial massage can help you with many different conditions. Whether it is headaches, back pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, chronic pain or constipation- studies have shown that remedial/sports massage provides positive benefits for many health conditions. The fact is a sports massage can be beneficial to ANYONE regardless of sporting ability or fitness routine.

Sports Massage 5

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